Monday, 9 October 2017

LME Warehouse Stocks Canceled Warrants - Oct 9

London Metal Exchange warehouse stocks, including total tonnage by metal, canceled warrants tonnage and the percentage share of canceled warrants in the total tonnage.
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Friday, 29 September 2017

Commodity Market News: Crude Oil update

Oil mixed but set for weekly gain on improving market outlook 

Oil prices were mixed on Friday, but both Brent and U.S. crude were set to chalk up another weekly gain as investors bet that efforts to cut a global glut are working and that the demand outlook is improving. 
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U.S. crude CLc1 was down 8 cents at $51.48 a barrel at 0641 GMT, after earlier rising slightly. Still, the contract is heading for a fourth consecutively weekly gain and is on track for a 9 percent advance this month. 

Brent LCOc1 rose 1 cent to $57.42 a barrel, heading for a fifth weekly climb and a nearly 10 percent gain for September. 

The price gains, most of them in the last two-and-a-half weeks, have come as traders anticipated renewed demand from U.S. refiners that were resuming operations after shutdowns due to Hurricane Harvey. 

Major world oil producers outside the United States have also indicated they will stick with output cuts to limit supply. 

They are getting support from Turkey's threats to cut off a pipeline from the Kurdish region of Iraq after a referendum where Kurds voted overwhelmingly in favour of independence. 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Commodity Market Outlook Today 27-Sep-2017

Gold prices may trade lower in the coming fortnight 

On a fortnightly basis, global equity markets traded on a positive note as a result of the dovish statement made by the US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, who commented on the need for stabilization of foreign economies and its markets. She also stated that further appreciation of the American currency would depress inflation and exports thereby hurting the manufacturing sector of the nation. Furthermore, the US policymaker was sceptical that the recent rise in core inflation will prove durable. 
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All of these factors acted as a positive factor for the merging market economies. Moreover, growth of loans to the private sector in the euro area picked up modestly on February 16. This infused optimism in the markets as borrowing is a main financing source for corporate investment, which in turn should boost the euro zone's currently weak economy. 
The Indian Rupee appreciated marginally by 0.03 per cent in the last fortnight owing to persistent selling of the American currency by exporters and banks. 

Gold prices trajectory from hereon are a combination of interest rate hike in the US, investment demand stronger dollar and GDP growth from the US. We expect gold prices to trade lower in the coming fortnight. 

Crude oil prices rally in the recent past could fade soon as global inventories remain exceedingly high while the OPEC and Non OPEC producers decision to produce lower oil output will be a close watch in the weeks ahead. 

We expect base metal prices to trade lower as latest jobs numbers from the US indicate a strong momentum, thereby increasing the chances of arte hike as soon as April. Also, CFTC data indicates falling investor interest in the red metal. Further, investors will keenly watch Janet Yellen speech and Chinese GDP data. 

We expect Chana prices to trade sideways to higher on news of government procurement and good demand from stockists and traders. Moreover, expensive imports and reports of bad weather during arrival season may support for chana prices. 

We expect Soybean prices to trade sideways on higher on good crushing demand as supplies have reduced. Similarly, CPO prices may also trade higher on reports of higher demand and lower world production estimates. 

We expect cotton prices to trade sideways on muted demand in the domestic market. Reports of higher carryover stocks too weigh on prices.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Live Commodity Market Update 25 Sep 2017

Gold to fall in short term on fears of third US rate hike, but long term story intact 

Gold prices reached our target vicinity of $1,335-$1,375 zone earlier this month on September 8, which we had said in our last column, when it touched a one-year high of $1,362 per ounce. But since then it has corrected a whopping $60/ounce, tumbling to a 4-week low of $1,292, ending a two-month long rally, which started in mid-July. We had already talked about its ceiling at $1375 for this year. Well, gold is reacting primarily to economic and geopolitical factors these days than its actual demand-supply, as it is also considered as one of the finest currency having safe haven flight feature attached. 

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Market becomes habitual of North Korea’s missile tests 

North Korea’s frequent ballistic missile tests have become quite normal these days and market is habitual of it. North Korea conducted its latest missile test on September 15, but gold prices failed to react. Though, Swiss franc and Japanese Yen got some safe haven boost. That was the early signal about weakening up momentum in yellow metal owing to reduced correlation with North Korea woes and, that too near its major hurdle zone of $1,355-$1,375 in which last year’s high was made in November. 

Fed still sees one more rate hike this year 

Failing to get fresh round of safe haven trades even after North Korea’s mid-September test had already tampered the strength of prevailing gold’s up trend in which move from $1,210 to $1,362 was seen. Meanwhile, FOMC’s September meeting came as a trend changer for gold in short-term, in which Fed Chair still sees third rate hike this year despite quite a bit dive in the US job growth and benign inflationary conditions. US Fed has lowered its outlook for inflation from 1.7% this year to 1.5% and from 2% to 1.9% in 2018. Despite this, ‘dot point’ forecast is still sticking to one more rate hike this year.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Live Stock Market Updates

Market Live: Sensex, Nifty lower but Europe strong post UK elections results 
Equity benchmarks remained lacklustre in afternoon trade but European markets turned strong after UK elections results that showed a possibility of hung parliament. The 30-share BSE Sensex was down 36.53 points at 31,176.83 and the 50-share NSE Nifty declined 7.55 points to 9,639.70. 

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Infosys and Maruti Suzuki were most active shares on exchanges. Infosys declined nearly 2 percent on reports that founders may be looking to sell stake in the company while Maruti gained 2 percent as reports indicated that the company plans to spend Rs 1,000 crore in land acquisition this year. Bourses in Europe were higher as investors reacted to a hung parliament in the UK's General Election. France's CAC, Germany's DAX and Britain's FTSE gained 0.8 percent each. 

While the market is witnessing strong moves, with bouts of consolidation, IL&FS sees sideways movements for the near term. 

Highlighting that in the current situation, macros are positive and could be better post good monsoon, Vibhav Kapoor of IL&FS told CNBC-TV18 that it was legitimate for the market to assume that these will translate into higher earnings growth. Having said that he saw strong resistance at 9650-9700 as a strong resistance point for the Nifty. A crossover from this point could take the index to 10000, he said. But, in the near term, there could be a correction, but not a deep one. 

European stocks gained momentum after general elections indicated that there could be a possibility of hung parliament in the UK. France's CAC, Germany's DAX and Britain's FTSE gained 1 percent each.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Commodity Market Update 2-March-2017

कमोडिटी बाजारः बेस मेटल्स में उछाल, चौतरफा तेजी 
नॉन एग्री कमोडिटी में आज बेस मेटल में एक्शन ज्यादा है और मांग बढ़ने के अनुमान से कॉपर समेत सभी मेटल उछल गए हैं। चीन के आंकड़ों ने मेटल में नई जान डाल दी है। चीन का मैन्युफैक्चरिंग पीएमआई 3 महीने की ऊंचाई पर पहुंच गया है। वहीं अमेरिका में मांग बढ़ने के अनुमान से भी बेस मेटल्स को सहारा मिला है। 
आज के कमोडिटी बाजार में ट्रेडिंग टिप्स के लिए हमारी वेबसाइट पर जाये और अपना नंबर रजिस्टर करे -- 
फिलहाल एमसीएक्स पर कॉपर 1.75 फीसदी की तेजी के साथ 407.8 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है, जबकि एल्युमीनियम 1.3 फीसदी बढ़कर 129.5 रुपये पर पहुंच गया है। निकेल 0.9 फीसदी की बढ़त के साथ 739.6 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है। लेड 1.5 फीसदी से ज्यादा उछलकर 152.9 रुपये पर पहुंच गया है। जिंक 2.25 फीसदी की मजबूती के साथ 192.15 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है। 

सोने में आज गिरावट देखने को मिल रही है। फिलहाल एमसीएक्स पर सोना 0.5 फीसदी की गिरावट के साथ 29,415 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है। चांदी 0.2 फीसदी की मामूली बढ़त के साथ 43,320 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रही है। कच्चे तेल में जोरदार उछाल नजर आ रहा है। फिलहाल एमसीएक्स पर कच्चा तेल 1.8 फीसदी उछलकर 3630 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है। नैचुरल गैस 0.25 फीसदी गिरकर 184.5 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है। 

ऊंची कीमतों पर मांग में कमी से चीनी में आज तेज गिरावट आई है। एनसीडीईएक्स पर चीनी का दाम 0.8 फीसदी गिरकर 3800 रुपये के करीब आ गया है। वहीं मसालों में हल्दी करीब 2 फीसदी लुढ़ककर 6750 रुपये पर आ गई है। ऊंझा में जीरे में भारी गिरावट आई है। इसका दाम करीब 300 रुपये गिरकर 16,700 रुपये के स्तर पर आ गया है। दरअसल मंडी में आज करीब 27,000 बोरी जीरे की आवक हुई है।

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Today's Market Strategy for Commodity Market

कमोडिटी बाजार में आज क्या हो रणनीति  
ट्रंप के भाषण के बाद से ग्लोबल मार्केट में सोने की कीमतों में गिरावट बढ़ गई है। कॉमैक्स पर सोने का दाम करीब 0.5 फीसदी गिरकर 1245 डॉलर के नीचे आ गया है। दरअसल डॉलर करीब 0.5 फीसदी तक मजबूत हो गया है। ऐसे में सोने की कीमतों पर दबाव बढ़ गया है। घरेलू बाजार में भी सोने की मांग कम होने की वजह से इसमें करीब 2 डॉलर प्रति औंस का डिस्काउंट शुरू हो गया है। वहीं चांदी में भी बिकवाली हावी है। हालांकि कच्चे तेल में तेजी का रुख है और ब्रेंट का दाम फिर से 56 डॉलर के पार है। इस बीच रेटिंग एजेंसी मूडीज ने इस पूरे साल के दौरान कच्चे तेल को 40-60 डॉलर के दायरे में रहने की संभावना जताई है। हालांकि डॉलर में आई तेजी से रुपये में कमजोरी बढ़ गई है।
आज के कमोडिटी बाजार में ट्रेडिंग टिप्स के लिए हमारी वेबसाइट पर जाये और अपना नंबर रजिस्टर करे -- 
घरेलू बाजार में एमसीएक्स पर सोना 0.6 फीसदी की कमजोरी के साथ 29380 रुपये के नीचे आ गया है वहीं चांदी 0.3 फीसदी की कमजोरी के साथ 43110 रुपये के आसपास दिख रही है। एमसीएक्स पर कच्चा तेल 1.5 फीसदी की उछाल के साथ 3625 रुपये के करीब नजर आ रहा है जबकि नैचुरल गैस 0.5 फीसदी की बढ़त के साथ 185 रुपये के ऊपर दिख रहा है। 
एग्री कमोडिटी में गेहूं का दाम हाजिर में काफी गिर गया है और मध्यप्रदेश की मंडियों में ये एमएसपी से करीब 75 रुपये नीचे बिक रहा है। एमसीएक्स पर क्रूड पाम तेल का मार्च वायदा 1.7 फीसदी गिरकर 540 रुपये के नीचे आ गया है वहीं एनसीडीईएक्स पर सरसों का अप्रैल वायदा 0.4 फीसदी की बढ़त के साथ 3865 के आसपास दिख रहा है।